So this is a bit off topic but I’ve always loved Lego stuff and I’ve been sort of collecting these Brick Headz. It’s been mainly the superhero ones though I’ve got my eyes on some other ones which may pop up later in my small collection. I digress though , I built these two guys today in my down time and I thought you guys might be interested in seeing them.

Thanks for checking them out!


RUMBLESLAM Painting Update

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a crafting/painting update on things. I had a free day and decided I needed to paint my big bad wrestler from RUMBLESLAM, the game Carl and i picked up at Gencon this year. Its a bit rough, as i’m not the best painter and its not painted like the developers of the game intended but i dig the goofy paint scheme and he’ll look great throwing guys around the ring!

Thanks for taking a look and sorry for the potato quality of pictures, i’d like to get a photo booth set up for minis if theres an interest in seeing more of my crummy attempts at painting and crafting things. Let me know what you think